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… onstage in Beijing.

Mccavity from Cats onstage in Beijing …


Here is a location on YOUTUBE where you can listen to forty-one Andrew Lloyd Webber production numbers, most of which come from Live in Beijing…


I’ve only worked on this project for three days and already I’m tired of it. It’s the "project abandonment syndrome" and stems from an individual who has always worked only for themselves. In my working world I’ve worked for a diverse group of entities, doing a diverse number of things to support myself and my dependents. I’ve been free to change directions often and never had a profession that locked me into the unhappiness of "burn-out." In my art world is primarily where I have been selfish. I chose to concentrate my college years on art with a secondary concentration on education. I had planned a lifetime spent teaching others how to do and appreciate art. So my painting was a very personal thing, done primarily for myself. My mind for years was taking in visuals and rapidly processing them in terms of how this would be painted, where dominants would be placed and how colors would be mixed. The problem arose when my brain so specialized the process that the original pencil sketch became quite enough to quiet my soul. I think that explains my rapid disinterest in projects. That pattern was tempered by the rapidity with which watercolors could be painted.

Then you meet a genius and marvel at the multiplicity of his magical efforts. This man, Andrew Lloyd Webber, not only writes his music, but oversees the addition of lyrics, manages the complicated, meticulous combining of dance, song and orchestration, plus the design of the environment in which these elements will be presented. All of that effort indicates not only a genius at work writing music, but a genius of management and coordination at work doing Musical Theater. Now, with his Masterpiece, Live in Bejing, concert he has added travel, transport and adaptation to the unknown facilities and customs of a culture half way around the world. I take off my hat to Andrew Lloyd Webber for his perfectly executed task and then, as I experience the DVD, I feel the beginning of a miracle. This is not only a feast for the ears and the eyes, it is a reaching out to another culture and offering friendship and love.

Since the ending days of World War II, we have relied upon science and sociology to save us. And that path has come so close for comfort in obliterating us, so many times, we are appalled. What if peace and love could be stimulated through the arts, relieving the sciences to simply find better paths of quality for everyday life?

I listened and focused on the visuals of this magic DVD, until my body felt weightless and my eyes locked permanently on the colors, shapes and movements of this epicurean feast of sight and sound. I just had to share it. And, I have, that is until the "all for me syndrome" kicked in now I find myself wanting to tell you about something else. The mind is a hopeless traveler, so now I’ll tie this all down and get back to telling you about beautiful young people who are making magic in the world of the arts through the miracle of film and TV.

I had wanted to put links under each image of performance offering the names of the artists and the sounds they are creating, but at this point, I don’t even have them all identified. If that’s important to you, you can jot down their names and Google them up for yourself. I’ll simply give you a link to much of Sir Andrew’s musical numbers and again you can sort them out. And, yes, I know I have used too many images, trapped by the new discovery of a contemporary "style" in art and the ease with which it can be manipulated. However, I know you’ll sort that out for me too. If you’re interested in an image, you’ll click on it and look at it in a larger format, and read whatever is written under it, but If you’re not interested, you’ll pass it up. I have a general practice of deleting any image that has not been clicked on ten times or more in the first two weeks. It’s a practice not etched in marble, but for the most part it keeps my photostream lean and mean, at least as lean and mean as this hopeless body of mine.

I hope you can find the magic I discovered and experience the thrill of Evita, Cats and all the rest.

Thor, Cool Cat Patriot 7-4-2012
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One of our best moments this year was meeting Thor. He learned to wear the goggles when he goes kayaking with his ‘dad,’ and keeps them on all the time. He has a couple of videos on You Tube. He walks around happily through crowds on a leash held by his owner.
We met him at the 4th of July Fireworks gathering. He was really in the spirit of the day. He’s so laid back that he just sits still and lets you take pictures of his sexy self. Notice the name on his cap, Tough Guy.