Whether youre in New York City, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California, or Detroit, Michigan, knowing the difference between a franchise opportunity, a business opportunity, and a license opportunity will enable you to choose an idea for your own business that will be a big hit in your area.

If you want to own your own business, and want to simply purchase a package deal that gives you the product idea, equipment and materials needed for operation, and the freedom to operate the business in any way and under any name you want, you could purchase a business opportunity. Typically the seller of the business opportunity will not exercise any control over the decisions and operations involved in your business. You probably wont even have a continuing relationship with the seller of your business opportunity.
Clearly you will have the freedom to do what you want with the business, so if you thrive on freedom, this could be your answer.
But what if you would like to have guidance and support as you venture out in to the world of entrepreneurs, and are willing to follow strict specifications and detailed marketing programs with a proven product in order to have that?
In that case, a franchise might be the thing for you. Of course, in this case, the seller will definitely exercise control over your business operations. In exchange for support and guidance, you typically have to give up all ability to try your own ideas or marketing strategies.
Is there a perfect world? What if you could have the freedom to use your own creativity and imagination to create your own customized products, marketing strategies, and sales campaigns and still have access to tested methods and techniques based on years of experience that could be used in your business if you so desired?
Well, look no further. A company by the name of Speaking Roses has patented the process for embossing customized messages, personalized greetings, beautifully detailed photos, and company logos directly onto the petals of live, fresh flowers. They are making the license to create Speaking Roses available to entrepreneurs worldwide.
This means that you can create and market a product that has the ability to tap into a multi-billion dollar market including the promotional, greeting card, floral, and gift industries.
It also means that your product will be marketable no matter where you are. Thats because every area has weddings, funerals, birthdays, special occasions, holidays, corporate events, companies that advertise and use promotional products, and people who want to send a message to someone that is unique and amazing.
If this sounds like the type of thing youve been looking for, check out www.speakingroses.com today.

Mr. Rodriguez, age 36, a true entrepreneurial soul with an innovative mind and has over 15+ years of progressive experience in developing businesses in different industries. Mr. Rodriguez possesses the skills to launch successful first-to-market items, drive business growth, capitalize on new revenue potential, and manage all aspects of daily business. He has always believed that some day he would create a concept that would change a world-wide industry.