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28-04-10 Do You Feel Like A Chain Store
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Image by Βethan
194/365 Something a bit different to the rest of my stream 🙂
If anyone can tell me what song this is (and the video, of course :D) without Googling it you get major kudos 🙂
So tonight is the last night I have ‘free’ before I’m off to Wales after school on Friday for a 40km D of E walk. Can’t wait. Cough.
So my 365s for the weekend will be up on Sunday 🙂

{Song is ~ you tell me :D}

View On Black

Acer XD1170D – first try
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Image by kaioshin
I got a quality low end projector. It’s only SVGA, but that means good contrast and high lumens for a relatively low cost. HD projectors are much more expensive. I took this pic as soon as I could get it out of the box — hence it was projected over a door. Still you can see light showing through on the right didn’t really affect the picture quality. Anime works really well because of the high contrast and vivid colours.